• Kinnear Art


    The work

    Each piece is created individually, and  with its  own personality. Distinct  in  style, distinct in personality. Each piece  adds something and creates  a memory in finding  your day.

    If you would like to commission a piece with your own colour designs and size in mind please contact the artist for details below.

    The Artist

    Alistair Kinnear discovered the joy of creativity at five years old in art class when he put mud in with the paint. He learned that not only does one get interesting effects but his teacher had lost her mind. 

    The Dream

    To eventually  own and operate  a brick and mortar gallery  in the city  of Hamilton. To share his and other's work, to have a place to connect and discover works to last for the centuries to come.  

    If  you have any connections, ideas to help accomplish this dream, your in put would be greatly appreciated. You never know what could come of even the simplest suggestion.

    Or if you wish to purchase a piece, or have one specifically commissioned to fit a room you had in mind, please don't hesitate to contact the artist. 

    Please contact the artist

    Send a message to discuss work, or to  commission your very own piece with your colour and size preferences in mind.

    Kinnear Art

    Hamilton, On